December 9, 1749

1749 December 9 (Saturday).  Lieutenant Tainter came to acquaint me that the Committee of the Precinct would meet at Esq. Bakers next Monday etc. to desire me to give them my Company there at that Time to confer with me about our Affairs and Circumstances at this Day: and especially with reference to my removal also in the Name of Esq. Baker he desir’d I would henceforward till next May, myself and as many of my Family as Should please, would dine at his (Esq. Bakers) House on Lords Days.  This was the Result of a Meeting which a Number of Southern Neighbours had at Lieutenant Tainters last Night, when likewise they had Discourse with Deacon Newton for his Conduct about this Affair.  Lieutenant remark’d to me and strongly affirm’d that Deacon Newton, when three of them came to my House the Saturday before taking down the old Meeting House to desire and invite me to dine at their Houses on Sabbath Noons, (that then the Deacon) did not invite — as I had suppos’d and had often said.