September 19, 1748

1748 September 19 (Monday).  I was up extreme early — prepar’d a Deed which Neighbour Hezekiah How sign’d delivered Me of the Right to his fifth Division of Common Lands without the Cow Common.  I rode to Marlborough, to Mr. Eleazer How and traded with Benomi Bailey for a second Hand Saddle — for which I am to give him 4£.  I din’d at Mr. Smiths[1] — attended the Proprietors Meeting, but neither Lieutenant Ward, nor those I am to border upon being there I did not present my Plott.  Went to Mr. Joseph Williams about Benomi’s Saddle but Mr. Williams had lent it.  I return’d home having the Second Volume of Dr. Doddridge’s Family Expositor[2] of Mr. Smith and I immediately began it in my Family.

[1]The Reverend Mr. Aaron Smith.

[2]Philip Doddridge, The Family Expositor; or a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament, with Notes (London, 1739).