September 12, 1748

1748 September 12 (Monday).  Captain Warrin[1] dy’d last Night.  An heavy Loss!  He was a worthy Man.  The Lord sanctify it to us all!  Lieutenant Ward survey’d a piece of Land nigh the Cedar Swamps for me.  Neighbour David and Nathan Maynard Chain Men.  Mr. Bliss[2] of Concord here.  He and Lieutenant Ward din’d here.  I rode down to see Mrs. Amsden[3] who is Sick.  Went to the House of Death, Captain Warrins, pray’d with the sick there, and the sorrowing Neighbours that were there together.  At Eve sent to Boston by Asa Brigham.[4]

[1]Daniel Warren.

[2]The Reverend Mr. Daniel Bliss.

[3]Mrs. Jacob Amsden.

[4]Son of neighbor David Brigham.