August 6, 1747

1747 August 6 (Thursday).  We are so belated in our Haying that after Morning Studys I went to raking Hay with Ebenezer and my little Billy.  P.M. Came Brother Hicks and his wife. They inform me that Mother Champneys Thirds are settled and Mr. Fletcher (the Purchaser) comes to the place.  N.B. as I was raking (p.m.) came Mr. Jonas Brigham and his wife to have their Relations writ. Mr. Brigham took my Rake whilst I wrote for his wife.  Load got in. At Eve came Mr. Prentice of Grafton. He shews me a Letter of Invitation to Easton and wants something should be done about the Article in our Result where in we cannot recommend him.  Brother Hicks and his wife lodg’d here, but Mr. Prentice went home.