August 25, 1742

1742 August 25 (Wednesday).  Mr. Cushing preached the Lecture on Rom. 3.29.  Mr. Weld[1] of Attlebury, Mr. Hemmingway[2] of Townshend and Mr. Moss of  the North part of Shrewsbury came.  N.B. The Account Mr. Weld gave of the remarkable Work of God among them.

[1]Habijah Savage Weld (1702-1782), Harvard 1723, minister at Attleborough, 1727-1782; SHG, 7:268-72.

[2]Phinehas Hemenway (1707-1760), Harvard 1730, minister at Townsend, 1734-1760; SHG, 8:724-26.