August 13, 1742

1742 August 13 (Friday).  My honoured Mother worse again — but towards Evening revived.  I dined at Capt. Allens.[1]  Waited on Madam Condy to prepare the way for Mollys going to School.  Visited Mr. Mather.[2]  Bought Several more Books of Mrs. Greenwood.  My Mother gave leave that I Should go home to keep Sabbath with my people, and then return to her.  At Parting I received her Blessing, delivered in very Solemn and most tender Manner.  I rode to Cambridge late at night but the people there were o’bed and I was greatly put to it for convenient reposing —

[1]Not identified.

[2]Samuel Mather (1706-1785), Harvard 1723, minister of Boston’s Second Church, 1732-1741, and the Bennet Street Church, 1741-1785.  SHG 7:216-38.