August 9, 1742

1742 August 9 (Monday).  Early at Mr. Fays.  No clear News of my Mare, but Sorrowful News from my Mother, of her illness and danger.  Capt. Fay offered to go to Framingham to look for my Mare; but Mr. Williams being more acquainted with those Roads, and being willing to go, I improved him.  Capt. Fay also went with him to Southborough.  N.B. Thomas carted home the Two Stacks of Hay at the Meadow, Mr. Chamberlain helping him load, and they got it done before dinner.  P.M. Thomas Carted home a Load of Hay from Mr. James Fays Swamp, given freely by Mr. Fay.  At Evening I was at Capt. Warrins to borrow an Horse to ride to Boston, and succeeded.  Was also at Mr. Cooks.