February 26, 1739

1739 February 26 (Monday).  The Doctor came to see my wife.  I rode down to Cambridge on occasion of sister Lydia Champneys illness.  Very bad riding by the Hollowness of the Earth by the Frost.  Met with Dr. Convers at Mr. Harringtons[1] Tavern at Waltham.  Found sister Lydia better.  Her Face, Chin and Throat had been very much tumifyed [?] and enflam’d and lanc’d, and she was in great Extremity for some Days last week, but is much more comfortable.  N.B. Trouble by Brother Champney’s [2] courting one Abigail Stearns.[3]

[1]Daniel Harrington.  Charles A. Nelson, Waltham, Past and Present (Cambridge, 1879), 88.

[2]Samuel Champney, Jr., of Cambridge, brother of Parkman’s first wife.

[3]Of Concord.  Intention of marriage to Champney was recorded Oct. 24, 1739.  The marriage itself is not recorded.  Paige, Cambridge, 507.