February 13, 1738

1738 February 13 (Monday).  Mr. Tainter came and kill’d our Hog.  Weigh’d about 12 score.  N.B. Mr. Tainters Cousen Kendal[1] of Suffield here.  They din’d with us.  N.B. I wrote to Mr. Timothy Woodbridge[2] junior of Simsbury by Mr. Kendall.  Brother Hicks just at night pinch’d up the Barn Floor, and cutt up and Salted my Pork at Evening.  Potter’s Antiquities.

[1]Susanna, daughter of Deacon Simon Tainter, married Thomas Kendall of Suffield, Conn.

[2](Yale 1732), tutor at Yale College at this time and later minister in Hatfield, Mass., 1740-1770.  Dexter, p. 469.