April 23, 1726

1726 April 23 (Saturday).  We were in a sad Commotion by the Hills being fir’d.  Robert was Exceeding unfortunate to burn the Brush after long uneasiness through my fears of his persuasions.  I gave him leave to set fire to the most Distant Heap and the last in the wind, but the Leaves were drie and the wind fresh so that it put us to great Labour to carry it.  It burnt about 20 Rod of my fence and would have Consum’d without a period if I had not receiv’d Neighbor David Maynards Help, and been very Diligent my Self.  But before Neighbor Maynard came, it raged to such a Degree that we grew so hot and faint as Severall times to give up and Robert[1] Lay’d himself down in an Expiring posture, till quickened by a New Resolution.  It got Lead upon the Fence before Help came.  Through Divine favour we put a stop to it to our great Joy att about noon.  It continued to burn indeed, but not to run and Spread.  We were oblig’d to have an Eye over it continually, and I was not, many times, without fear of its catching again because Towards night there were great Gusts of Wind, Thunder and Lightning and very little if any Rain.  This was the more terrible as happening in the middst of my Preparation for the Sabbath.  But God was very Gracious.

[1]Robert Henry, Parkman’s hired hand.