January 23, 1777

1777 January 23 (Thursday).  Are in some Perplexity; being not able to get Supply of Wood or Meal.  It is a dry, cold, freezing season; the Roads Icy, Slippery, yet much bare ground; and poor sledding: In the woods the snow is too deep for a Cart.  And as to Grinding, the mills of this and the next neighboring Towns fail very much.  Some go to Sawyer Mill at Lancaster.  At Eve came Son Ebenezer from New Braintree, and lodges here.  N.B. Capt. (I hear he is now Major) Silas Bailey, came in to bring me a proclamation for a Fast.  In his talk inveighs against the Ministers of the Association who Aug. 20, 1771, declared against the Bolton people’s irregular proceedings with Mr. Goss.  N.B. Deacon Wood was present and heard him.