January 1, 1777

1777 January 1 (Wednesday).  I have now fresh Occasion, O that I might have an Heart to praise the Lord for His Goodness, and for His wonderful Works, in particular in sustaining and Supporting me through the many Vicisssitudes of another Year, and granting me the Beginning of this, which I am allowed to behold the Light of.  Bless the Lord O my Soul and forget not His Benefits!  I employed myself much in Reviews of the year past — renewed my Covenant Engagements to God Great God.  And O that I might have Grace to fulfill them accordingly!  I desire to Committ to God the Changes and Accidents of this Year; and the more peculiar the Dark Aspects, by the holy Judgments of God upon us, the more devoutly and penitently would implore the divine Pity and Compassion and that the whole Land may be prepared for the Great Events of this Year!


Mr. Belknap and Miss Elizabeth Beals dined here.  P.M. Mr. Edwards Whipple came about my Debt to him for Indian Corn nigh a year ago.  It was 4 1/2 Bushels at half a Dollar.  N.B. Mr. Whipple, in speaking of the public state, condemns all that is doing — calls it Rebellion against lawful Authority — that we cannot prosper — but shall be overthrown.  Deacon Wood and his son John here at Evening.  The latter has come from New York and the Jersies, and gives me Account of the state of the Armies, and sundry Engagements there: and upon the whole that the Kings Forces are much too successful in those parts; and that the [Liberty?] Army is but illy provided for.