November 26, 1781

1781 November 26 (Monday).  Mr. Brigham is desired by Several to take their Sons to instruct them.  He has already his Brother Josiah.  Ensign Aaron Warrin wants his son Abijah should come (and he is come to day); Lieut. Jonathan Grout is earnest to have his son come; Benjamin Bowman is expected to come to live with me this Winter to look after my Cattle and chop Wood, hoping to get Learning withal: and Mr. Thaddeus Warrin is here and requests that his John may come to Mr. Brigham to School — all which coming upon me with without our being prepared for it, is too difficult.  Mr. D. Adams’s Witnesses are examined by Col. Jonathan Ward, at Mr. Gales.  Mr. Brigham is gone to Concord to assist my son Samuel in selling his Conant Farm there.