November 8, 1781

1781 November 8 (Thursday).  Mr. Cushing and Mrs. Cotton go to Hopkinton, and Mrs. Wood in her Chaise waits on sister Champney to the Widow Warrins in Upton.  Deacon Hawes brings his Brother Coll. Benjamin to See me.  He informs me that my Kinsman Parkman Bradshaw is dead.  Mr. Cushing to Shrewsbury.  N.B. He brought and left me Groves Vol. 1.  At night we had by the News Paper the joyful Account of the Surrender of Earl Cornwallis and his Army at York Town, the Shipping Virginia, on Oct. 18 — which causes great Joy and Thanksgiving to God, etc. etc.  But my Joy has Mixtures and Abatement — for when Mrs. Wood returned from Upton, she relates the unkind Reception she met with at the Widow Warrins: which was much to my Disquietment.