October 28, 1781

1781 October 28 (Sunday).  Mr. Waters came in the morning and preached for me a.m. on Job 23.3.4, p.m. on Phil. 3 and 4.  May God bless what was delivered, and reward his Labour of Love!  I stopped the Church, and read Mr. Enoch Rice’s Request and read his and his Wife’s Confessions, which was voted, that they Should be read to the Assembly, though they be personally absent, viz. at Brookfield.  N.B. Rev. Appletons Letter to me, on the Same Affair, was read also.  A Letter likewise which I received last Evening from Mr. Daniel Adams, to be communicated to the Church was read.  He was present.  In it he desires to come to the Communion.  I asked him (before the Church) Whether, particularly he was in Charity and Sweetness with Me?  and could receive the Sacrament at my Hands?  He answered with some Difficulty, that “he must, he thought.”  I told the Church that as the Letter came so late, but the Eve before, I was not prepared to make Remarks which were necessary upon it, or ask some Questions for right understanding Some parts of it, it must be left to further Consideration — then I gave the Blessing. At Eve Mr. Waters repeated Some parts of the p.m. Sermon.