October 2, 1781

1781 October 2 (Tuesday).  A.M. visited Mr. Daniel Warrin.  At his House were two young women who were Baptists — their Names are Lamb, and are come from Paxton: one of them (Martha) about 16 years old, is in a Languishment.  Several Neighbours kindly offer me a Barrel of Cyder apiece.  I thank God for this Token of His Goodness to me.  P.M. I preached at the private Meeting at Squire Bakers on Gen. 18.19.  All my Family (except John who was gone from home with the [Team?]) attended there.  At Eve Squire read a remarkable Hand-Bill containing fresh and important News of Successes in the south against the British Forces by Sea and Land.  God grant it may prove true and that we may be prepared for a compleat Deliverance!  This Evening a Letter from Elias at Northampton.  His Arm is better, but Still complains of Lameness in it.

October 3, 1781

1781 October 3 (Wednesday).  Wrote an Answer to Elias’s Letter.  The rather because he complains of his being Sorrowfully neglected.  I have writ also to Mr. Forbes upon his supposed Marriage — on what I have done about Sister Champney — and concerning the Wool I owe him; and have caused nine pound to be weighed out for him: which is ready for him.

October 4, 1781

1781 October 4 (Thursday).  At Ensign Aaron Warrins request I rode over to his House, and Mr. Fish and his Wife being there also, we dined together.  He told me Mr. Adams had been with him, but that he would not comply.  Mr. Fish preached a Seasonable and useful Sermon on the Occasion of the Ensigns Recovery, from Isa. “The Living, the Living,” etc.  When I returned home found my son Ebenezer and Grand Daughter Betsey Baldwin, who were come from Boston and from Cape Ann.  Mr. Jonathan Wilkins, a young preacher, visits Mr. Brigham and lodges.  Mr. Brigham took care of the Husking and of the Huskers.  N.B. Among the Letters which Ebenezer brought from Boston is Another Letter from Mr. Quincy, dated Sept. 27.  And a considerable Packet from Mr. Moore inclosing his Notes of his Anniversary Sermon at Plymouth, for the Year 1780.

October 8, 1781

1781 October 8 (Monday).  Mr. Brigham goes to Bellingham, to look after a Debtor, Arnold, a Quaker.  At 2 p.m. Lydia and Sophy sat out for Concord.  I was Sent for by the Widow Brigham — I went — her Throat is much Sweld: prayed with her.  Dr. Ball and her Nephew Grout, attend on her.  When I came home, found Mr. Aaron Crosby of New Glasco here, going to Cape Ann; and he lodged here.

October 10, 1781

1781 October 10 (Wednesday).  Visited Patty Lamb in her Consumption, at Mr. Daniel Warrins.  P.M. My wife rode with me to Visit Several Neighbours, viz. Neighbour Nathan Maynard and Mr. Isaac Parker.  Drank tea etc. at the latter.  At Night came Rev. Daniel Fuller of Gloucester and his Wife, from Middleton in Connecticut, and lodged here.  Mr. Jonathan Batherick brought a Confession from Mr. Enoch Rice and Wife now living at Brookfield.

October 11, 1781

1781 October 11 (Thursday).  Mr. Fuller and his Wife left us to return home through Billerica.  Messrs. Benjamin Stone and Samuel Crosby came, dined here.  Mr. Stone informs me of Mr. Fairbanks public Marriage last week, in the Meeting House, Solemnized by Rev. Sumner.  I wrote to Rev. Appleton by Mr. Crosby, concerning Mr. Enoch Rice and his Wife, their penitance and Confession.  Capt. Morse brought me a large Cheese, which weighted 25 lb.  May God reward him for his Generosity!  and may I be enabled to make a good Use of this and of every other Bounty bestowed upon me!

October 18, 1781

1781 October 18 (Thursday).  Benjamin Harrington being returned from the Camp, Sick and low, I visited and prayed with him — visited at Fortunatus Millers, and at Mr. Eli Whitney’s.  P.M. Mrs. Sarah Harrington (Neighbour Calebs Wife) was here and was examined.  At night Mr. Brigham returned from Boston, brought a new Christall for my watch, 3/.  Informs me that Mr. Cranch’s 6th Volume of Biographical Dictionary (which I had been much concerned about) was at my son Samuels.

October 24, 1781

1781 October 24 (Wednesday).  I returned home.  In my way, called to take leave of Mrs. Gardner, and called at Mr. Micah Newtons at Marlborough.  I dined at Col. Blackneys, but the Colonel not at home.  Borrowed of his Mother the Alcoran and of his Sister Tomson’s Life and Seasons.  When I got home was informed that Mr. Fitch of Hopkinton was here yesterday, and that it was Supposed that a Council met then at Mr. Daniel Adams’s.  That Mr. Prentice of Holliston, Mr. Haven of Dedham and Mr. Brown of Sherbourn, were there.  My son Ebenezer was here also, having come yesterday under some very peculiar Difficulty, by reason of his being bound to divers Creditors for his son Bradshaw deceased: and was in danger of being sued.

October 25, 1781

1781 October 25 (Thursday).  I had Pity on my dear son in his Troubles, and gave him two Notes from the State, one of 10£, out last December, the other of 10£ 14, both upon Interest and Signed Henry Gardner Treasurer.  The last of them was out last March.  He left us to go to Brookfield.  P.M. Enoch Rice with Letter from Rev. Appleton, concerning his (Rice’s) Confession.  Neighbour Harrington and Pamela witness to Enochs owning his Letter.  Coll. Baldwin came from Boston and lodged here.

October 27, 1781

1781 October 27 (Saturday).  I have neither Man nor Boy, except Billy Spring who can fetch the Cows and cut a little Wood.  But the Trouble of my Eyes is I think, increased.  At Eve a Great Noise of the taking of General Cornwallis.  Dr. Hawes brought me a Letter of General Cornwallis Defeat, from Mr. Quincy, with an Hand-Bill certifying it, and his Army with him made prisoners of War.  The Glory of God if So!

October 28, 1781

1781 October 28 (Sunday).  Mr. Waters came in the morning and preached for me a.m. on Job 23.3.4, p.m. on Phil. 3 and 4.  May God bless what was delivered, and reward his Labour of Love!  I stopped the Church, and read Mr. Enoch Rice’s Request and read his and his Wife’s Confessions, which was voted, that they Should be read to the Assembly, though they be personally absent, viz. at Brookfield.  N.B. Rev. Appletons Letter to me, on the Same Affair, was read also.  A Letter likewise which I received last Evening from Mr. Daniel Adams, to be communicated to the Church was read.  He was present.  In it he desires to come to the Communion.  I asked him (before the Church) Whether, particularly he was in Charity and Sweetness with Me?  and could receive the Sacrament at my Hands?  He answered with some Difficulty, that “he must, he thought.”  I told the Church that as the Letter came so late, but the Eve before, I was not prepared to make Remarks which were necessary upon it, or ask some Questions for right understanding Some parts of it, it must be left to further Consideration — then I gave the Blessing. At Eve Mr. Waters repeated Some parts of the p.m. Sermon.

October 31, 1781

1781 October 31 (Wednesday).  I visited Susanna Hardy who is sick — dined there — and prayed with her.  Visited at Capt. Jonathan Fays — talked with the Heads of the Family and with Molly [Brown?] under her Circumstances and others of them.  Went to Mr. Joseph Grouts.  Called to talk with Mr. Ben Fay of his Contention with his Neighbour Thomas Whitney, and talked him also: With Lt. Jonathan Grout and with Mr. Jonathan ForbesWhitney says, if Fay will make him any Offer, if he will shew Bounds — he will do what is reasonable.