July 22, 1781

1781 July 22 (Sunday).  Read [Ezek. 46?] latter part, from v. 25, using some former preparations in the year 1739 and 1742/3.  Preached on Several verses from v. 25.  Had Mr. Barrett of Hopkinton and Mrs. Maynard at Dinner; and p.m. Read Ps. 44 and preached on v. 4 and 5 to the Soldiers, who are going from Westborough to West Point.  After Meeting Johns Father and Mother came in, drank Tea etc.  A Company of Invalids are marching through our Roads and going from Boston to West Point.  At Eve Mr. Brigham read Mr. Flavells Fountain of Life, Sermon 9 on Acts 3.22, “A Prophet shall the Lord their God” etc. and he prayed.