July 2, 1781

1781 July 2 (Monday).  John Moulton begins to mow.  Mowes the Square Piece on this Side the Meeting House.  Rev. Dr. Hall come in in his Return home.  N.B. his Text Yesterday was Rev. 14.13, “Blessed are the Dead that die in the Lord, etc.”  A Court is held again at Deacon Woods about the Detecting of Theeves.  Breck goes to Marlborough.  It is Proprietors Meeting there, and to Visit Brother Williams.  P.M. Mr. Daniel Adams came here.  Still uneasy — Says he will Send another Paper.  I told him it was in Vain, if there was nothing Still to lay before us, and in Vain to talk of a Council of Neighbouring Churches untill the matter (if there be anything) is first tryed in the Church.