July 1, 1781

1781 July 1 (Sunday).  Preached a. and p.m. on Eph. 4.1 and finished that Subject.  And may God grant Success!  At noon Mrs. Maynard.  Neither Sophy nor Mr. Brigham go to Meeting.  After Service I desired the Brethren of Church to tarry and I read to them Mr. Daniel Adams’s Letter of June 13 last — and upon it, put this following: Whether there was in this Letter of Mr. Adams anything that required a Church Meeting upon it, or any Thing that they would consider and Act upon now?  It passed in the Negative — and they were dismissed.  At Eve Mr. Brigham prayed in the Family.

July 2, 1781

1781 July 2 (Monday).  John Moulton begins to mow.  Mowes the Square Piece on this Side the Meeting House.  Rev. Dr. Hall come in in his Return home.  N.B. his Text Yesterday was Rev. 14.13, “Blessed are the Dead that die in the Lord, etc.”  A Court is held again at Deacon Woods about the Detecting of Theeves.  Breck goes to Marlborough.  It is Proprietors Meeting there, and to Visit Brother Williams.  P.M. Mr. Daniel Adams came here.  Still uneasy — Says he will Send another Paper.  I told him it was in Vain, if there was nothing Still to lay before us, and in Vain to talk of a Council of Neighbouring Churches untill the matter (if there be anything) is first tryed in the Church.

July 3, 1781

1781 July 3 (Tuesday).  Rev. Mr. Putnam of Pomfret, his Wife and her Sister call here in their Journey to Boston.  Mr. Grosvenor from Marlborough dined here and preached in my Stead at the Widow Brighams.  His Text Ps. 37.37.  May divine Blessing attend!  N.B. Mr. Daniel Stockwell here in Anguish of Mind and complaining of an hard Heart etc.

July 5, 1781

1781 July 5 (Thursday).  I made a Visit to Mr. Stockwell under his deep Concern, and to Mrs. Scot who is confined by Illness.  When I came home a Messenger, came for me to go to Ensign Aaron Warrin who was very ill of a Fever.  I dined there.  Prayed with him — but he was too delirious to have much Conversation with him.

July 7, 1781

1781 July 7 (Saturday).  I was not well in the morning but was more strengthened afterwards, and undertook to go to Marlborough.  Went to See Col. Williams who continues in a low Condition.  Mr. George and the Women of the House, join with Colonel in urging me to lodge there: and they Sent word to Mr. Joseph [illegible]s, where provision was made for me, instead of Mr. Ebenezer Grosvenor.

July 9, 1781

1781 July 9 (Monday).  Took final leave of Brother Williams.  Broke fast at Capt. William Brighams.  Visit Lt. Uriah — got him out to ride with me to his Brother George’s.  Came home before noon.  N.B. Mr. Daniel Grosvenor preached for me Yesterday a.m. on Numb. 23.10, p.m. on Heb. 12.1.  A Town Meeting to send Six more men to General Washington, to provide Beef, etc.

July 10, 1781

1781 July 10 (Tuesday).  Having lately received another Letter from Mr. Forbes I set myself to write an Answer.  Late p.m. came Capt. William Brigham, with the Sorrowful Message that Col. Williams expired this Morning nine o’Clock — 85 last April.  And my Family are desired to attend the Funeral next Thursday at 2 p.m.  And Mr. Whitney is Sent to pray on that Solemn Occasion.

July 12, 1781

1781 July 12 (Thursday).  I rode Mr. Isaac Parkers Horse to Southborough Fast.  Mr. Whitney prayed and very pertinently.  I preached on Numb. 27.16.17 which may God graciously Succeed!  At noon repair to Squire Smiths — Leave Messrs. Kellogg [and?] Bridge to perform the afternoon Service.  Col. Jonathan Ward rode with me to Marlborough to the Funeral of Col. Abraham Williams at which Mr. Grosvenor prayed and very agreeably.  The Colonel’s Will was read in the Evening.  I lodged at Mr. George Williams’s and Mr. John Williams of Rutland, lodged with me.  N.B. Mrs. Maynard came with her Coach to our House and took up her Aunt into it, and Mr. Brigham waited upon them to the Funeral.  They also returned home so.

July 17, 1781

1781 July 17 (Tuesday).  Am employd in the Biographical Dictionary.  Six famous Gregory’sSt. and Pope Gregory or the Great — [NazianzenNyssen?] — James, the Mathematician, David, and James.  P.M. came Mr. Ebenezer Grosvenor from Marlborough.  I gave him something of a Character of Col. Williams for the Press — but it was too defective and incorrect.  This Eve came Deacon Hawes and then Mr. Samuel Forbush — I knew nothing of any Special Appointment.  Afterwards at half after Eight came Mr. Daniel AdamsBreck came in, awhile.  Mr. Adams finds fault with my first Letter to him, tells me he Cannot Sit down with me.  Says the like of those Members who advised him to return Goods to his Wife — Says they are not fit to be called Christians: determines to call a Council.  I told him there was nothing to lay before a Council or before the Church and there was therefore no Need of a Meeting of Either.  In presence of the two forementioned, I said to him, Brother Adams, “If there be any Matter or Affair that you desire me to lay before the Church, which is fitt for them to hear, and if it be duely and properly prepared, I am freely willing to gratify you in doing it for you.”  He goes away resolved to call a Council; and that soon.  The two Brethren remained.  Deacon Hawes said, he Saw not any thing that the Church could be called together upon.  Mr. Forbush Said he believed there were as many now that were dissatisfyed with Mr. Adams and would stay away from the Sacrament if they knew he was to come, as there were heretofore.

July 22, 1781

1781 July 22 (Sunday).  Read [Ezek. 46?] latter part, from v. 25, using some former preparations in the year 1739 and 1742/3.  Preached on Several verses from v. 25.  Had Mr. Barrett of Hopkinton and Mrs. Maynard at Dinner; and p.m. Read Ps. 44 and preached on v. 4 and 5 to the Soldiers, who are going from Westborough to West Point.  After Meeting Johns Father and Mother came in, drank Tea etc.  A Company of Invalids are marching through our Roads and going from Boston to West Point.  At Eve Mr. Brigham read Mr. Flavells Fountain of Life, Sermon 9 on Acts 3.22, “A Prophet shall the Lord their God” etc. and he prayed.

July 23, 1781

1781 July 23 (Monday).  Last Even Col. Luke Drury and Capt. Lyon of Grafton came to Breck to engage and quicken him to go out Adjutant on the now prosecuting Expedition.  He goes out to try untill he obtained, on [blank] French to go in his Stead: but pays him 35 hard Dollars for it.  I read still in Vol. 6 of the Biographical Dictionary.

July 24, 1781

1781 July 24 (Tuesday).  In the morning from Shrewsbury came to Breakfast here, my dear Son Ebenezer after long Absence in the Army, and his son in Law, Master Peregrine Foster, who is going to Boston with a Covered Waggon and two Horses, to carry up Goods to Brookfield.  After Breakfast they Sat out for Boston.  P.M. I made a Visit to Mr. James Millers junior — none at home but the Maid, [blank] Livermore.  Was at Mr. Samuel Hardy’s but no Body was at home.  Thence to Mr. Stockwells who is in much spiritual Exercise — discoursed and prayed with him.  N.B. Mr. Thaddeus Warrin killed a Calf for me.

July 26, 1781

1781 July 26 (Thursday).  Sophia is ill.  Dr. Ball is come, and Several Women are here, viz. Sister Brigham, Cousin Maynard and two nearest Neighbours Lamson and Harrington.  A Daughter born.  At Eve came my son Ebenezer and his Son in Law, Peregrine Foster with their Waggon from Boston, and lodge here.  Bring Letter from Mr. Quincy of the 17th and from my Son Samuel of the 24th.  N.B. Dr. Ball tells me he has brought 5 Children into the world this Week.

July 29, 1781

1781 July 29 (Sunday).  I read Ps. 116 on the Family Circumstance.  I preach’d on 1 Cor. 11.27.29 from p. 27 to 32 throughout.  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  Mrs. Maynard dined with us.  P.M. I omitted Reading; preached on Gen. 22.14 with alterations and large Additions; as were indeed necessary Since it was so long agoe preached before (which was Oct. 19, 1755).  Baptized Lt. Eli Warrens Child Elizabeth and my own Grand Child Anna-Sophia.  And may God graciously accept and bless each of them!  In the Evening I repeated the p.m. Sermon to the Family.