June 28, 1781

1781 June 28 (Thursday).  Polly Scott being Sick at Mr. Gales of nervous Cholic, I made her a Visit, and prayed with her.  N.B. In riding there, overtook one Mrs. Coburn (Widow of Col. Andrew Coburn) who was the owner of my Son Alexanders Land at Marlborough in New Hampshire, and designed to go to his House.  Elias is hindred by the weather from undertaking his Journey.  At Eve came in a Woman who called her self Watts, and Said Mr. Cookson of Boston was her Grandfather etc.  Breck returned from Boston, brings me a Letter from Mr. Quincy.  N.B. I am informed that the famous Lady Electa has passed across our Road to day, and the Company Stopped at the Shop.  They proceeded to Capt. Maynards.