June 13, 1781

1781 June 13 (Wednesday).  I expected Mr. Grosvenor to preach my Lecture but he came not.  I preached my self, on Joh. 15.9, finishing the Discourse on Jude v. 21.  N.B. When I was about to go to Meeting at 2 o’Clock, my Wife handed me a Letter — but the Messenger did not appear.  I could not have Time to see who it came from, nor one word of what it was about.  So that I only told the Church that such an one was brought, but that Every body must know that it is out of season: and no more must be hereafter offered in Such disorderly Manner.  After Meeting Squire Crosby, Deacon Wood and old Mr. Batheric were here.  A Letter from Northampton, to Elias, Signed by Messrs. Joseph Hawley, and [blank] Strong, inviting him to go and keep a Grammar School there.