June 2, 1781

1781 June 2 (Saturday).  Had but a poor night, and am not able to discharge the Dutys called for.  Elias goes over to Hopkinton, to wait on Mrs. Cotton here.  Mr. Cushing waited on me to the Funeral of Mr. Stone.  I had Such a Cough I could not Speak in the Assembly.  Dr. Hall prayed there, made a brief funeral Address and Exhortation to the people which was followed with a Short Prayer by Mr. Bridge.  (The Corps having been plac’d before the Deacons Seat in the Meeting House, was then solemnly born to the Grave.)  I assisted only as a Bearer, and with a few words at Interring.  The other Bearers were, Dr. Hall, Mr. Bridge, Mr. Sumner, Mr. Whitney and Mr. Biglow.  Under-Bearers were 4 Brethren of the Church; and the Rest of the Church walked before the Corps.