December 10, 1779

1779 December 10 (Friday).  Breck, Suse and Sophy (by invitation) ride in the Sleigh to Col. Brigham’s.  Mr. May goes to Boston.  At Mr. Stone’s Request I headed a number of Papers of Subscriptions for printing a spirited Letter against Mr. Isaac Foster, Sent one to Mr. Stone, gave to Mr. Simon How, to Mr. Moses Brigham, Mr. Isaac Parker, to Master Sam Brigham, each of them a Paper in Trust to promote Subscribing.  The account from Northborough is confirmed that they have there voted Mr. Whitney for this year 3000£.  Messrs. Forbush and Batheric bring old Wood, 2 Load apiece.  The weather prevented my visiting Mr. Jonathan Childs’ sick Daughter.  I wrote to Mrs. Winchester of Ashburnham concerning her son Billy to come and live here.