November 29, 1779

1779 November 29 (Monday).  Mr. Dan. Matthis of New Braintry was here to consult me about their Troubles with Mr. Foster’s Doctrines, but I could not tarry long with him, because I was preparing a line to send to the Town (of Westborough) who this Day have a Meeting to Consider my Sallery.  They met.  Mr. Gale was Moderator.  I humbly waited upon God most high in the first place and then sent my Paper, entertaining myself with Judge Hale’s Meditation on Contentation.[1]  My mind was wrought into a placid Frame; in some Measure resigned to the Disposals of Providence.  At Eve, by Lieut. Grout I understood that the Town has voted to make up my Sallery £1300, and 40 Cord of Wood.  For which G.D.

[1]See “Of Contentation: And the Motives to It, both Moral and Divine,” in Contemplations, Moral and Divine.  In Two Volumes.  To Which Is Prefixed, an Account of His Life and Death.  By the Right Reerend Dr. Gilbert Burnet, Lord Bishop of Sarum (Glasgow, 1763), 1:323-40.