September 2, 1779

1779 September 2 (Thursday).  Kezia was going home to New Marlborough alone.  The Difficulty in finding the Road to Lancaster, engaged me to go with her so far.  I went.  We dined at Mrs. Wilder’s in Lancaster.  Thence I went with my Daughter to t’other Side the Meeting House, and set her in the Road to her Brother’s in Fitchbourg.  I turned into Mr. Sheriff Greenleaf’s, thence to Mr. Harrington’s — he not at home, and sat out for home but in Northborough was compelled to go into Deacon Paul Newton’s to raising Supper, and lodged there.

September 5, 1779

1779 September 5 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on Zech. v. 5-8.  P.M. on Prov. 15.16, which may God graciously please to bless!  Appointed the Communion and Lecture, but put by the private Meeting which would otherwise have been at Mr. Tainter’s.  Mr. Dan’l Forbes has been with me and desires the next Meeting might be at his House (Tainter agreeing to it) by reason of old Mrs. Stone who lives there.

September 6, 1779

1779 September 6 (Monday).  I wrote early to Rev. Mr. Stone of Southborough to preach my Lecture on the 8th and sent it by Mr. Adonijah Putnam of Sutton.  I wrote to Sister Lydia Champney at Mr. Jonas Bond’s in Sutton in reply to hers of Aug. 31.  At eve came Nathan Flag from Grafton with a message from one Mrs. Mary Hasham, requesting me to attend the Funeral of her Husband tomorrow at 2 p.m.

September 7, 1779

1779 September 7 (Tuesday).  I rode to Grafton — dined at Mr. Grosvenor’s (He was gone to Conway).  I prayed at the Funeral of Mr. Hasham.  At Mr. Aaron Willard’s, paid him eleven Dollars for mending my Watch.  Mr. Simon Willard went with me to Mr. Joseph Brown’s and shewed me a Perambulator which he had made and fixed to Mr. Brown’s Chaise.  Alexander came and lodged here.

September 8, 1779

1779 September 8 (Wednesday).  I received a note from Mr. Stone that he could not preach my Lecture.  The Town of Southborough meet today to consider his Salary.  I preached my Self.  The Text was Romans 15.13.  May God bless my Endeavors!  Alexander went to Marlborough but returned and lodged here.  Squire Whipple came in after Lecture, gives but an indifferent Account of the State of Things in New Braintrey.  They go on under Mr. Foster, as if all was right.

September 9, 1779

1779 September 9 (Thursday).  This morning our neighbor Lamson who has been a long time very miserable was delivered of a fine large Boy, to our great Rejoicing.  Blessed be God, the God of Salvation and may He perfect her Recovery![1]  Alexander and Breck go to Worcester and return.  David Fay and Patience [Harvey?] were married.[2]  My son Alexander is still here, and lodges here.

[1]The Westborough Vital Records list the birth of Samuel, son of Paul and Abigail, as December 9, 1779.

[2]Daniel Fay mar. Patience Harvey, Sept. 9, 1779; Westborough VR, 147.

September 10, 1779

1779 September 10 (Friday).  Alexander leaves us to go to Ashburnham and then home.  I thought it my Duty to visit Mrs. Lamson to rejoice with her and stir her up to the Duty of Dedicating her child to God.  P.M. came Mr. Charles Stearns of Leominster and lodged here.  N.B. He informs that Mr. Whitney of Petersham dyed on Wednesday.  At eve came Mr. John Belknap and Mr. Daniel Forbes.  They want that Mr. Dan. Adams should be desired to forbear coming to the Sacrament.  I dont consent without they write and sign it, which they do.

September 13, 1779

1779 September 13 (Monday).  I visited Katy Biglow, ill of a Fever and hysteric Disorders.  At her Desire, I prayed there.  Had some conversation with Mr. Daniel Adams about his Wife living from him.  He tells me he desires she would return and that he would do anything reasonable to obtain it.  P.M. he came here, shewed me a Copy of a Letter which he had sent to her some time ago, desiring her to let him know what are her Difficultys, and what she would have him do.  To which letter she returned him no Answer.  N.B. Dr. Stimson and Miss Nancy Jones of Hopkinton here and dined.

September 14, 1779

1779 September 14 (Tuesday).  Had some Debate with Dr. Hawes about Tim. Bryant’s Work for him last year.  N.B. Mr. John Thayer from New Haven Coll. came here in his way to Boston, dined here.  Received a Letter from Mr. Zebulon Rice of Brookfield concerning Rev. Mr. Buckminster’s preparing to answer Mr. Isaac Foster’s ordination Sermon, and consulting an Association at Sturbridge thereon.

September 16, 1779

1779 September 16 (Thursday).  The Day was mainly spent in Retirement — See Natal., but just at eve came to my Sorrow, Mr. Adams and with him Lieut. Levi Warrin, who ask (and with some Reluctance) I gave a Copy of Messrs. Belknap and Forbes’ Request to me to send to Mr. A. to forbear coming to the Communion last Lord’s Day.  Messrs. Reed of Middleborough and Turner of same Town, going to the Ordination of Mr. Reed’s son at Warwick, came and lodged here.  Mr. Jacob Broaders was married to young Katharine Fessenden.[1]  N.B. The above named ministers prayed before and after the Covenant.

[1]Westborough Vital Records, 132.

September 19, 1779

1779 September 19 (Sunday).  On consideration of my beginning a New Year I preached a.m. on Isaiah 46.3.4 and by reason of the Death of my two classmates, Rev. Mr. William Rand and Mr. Shepherd Fisk, I made up a sermon on Isa. 57.1-2, with proper observations and additions, especially of the character of Mr. Rand, whom I was much more acquainted with.  I informed the Congregation of the Fast, to be God willing, on the next Thursday, at Mr. Daniel Nurse’s, on account of his two Sisters.  We had a Contribution for the Relief of Mr. Artemas Bruce, of New Fane, whose House was lately burnt.

September 20, 1779

1779 September 20 (Monday).  The Contribution yesterday was £48.7 and a Person who was not prepared at the Time desired 20/ be added for him, which he promised to repay, which was I suppose, done.  Bruce was here.  I gave him the Money: he gave me a Receipt and thanks to the People and to me.  Mrs. Lambson very ill.  Visited and prayed with her.  N.B. The Town met to see what they would do in Compassion to the Town of Boston, who are suffering by reason of Market people refraining to go in with the Necessarys of Life.

September 22, 1779

1779 September 22 (Wednesday).  N.B. This morn I sent my Letter to Cousen Briant by Mr. Moses Potter, going to Ipswich: and with it a Bundle containing for Timothy, Seven yards of White tow cloth etc. etc.  See Memorandum Book.  The Widow Fay dined with us.  Spent the Afternoon with Mrs. P________ and drank Tea.  I read in Clark’s Lives, Mr. Hugh Broughton’s, and several other Parts of that useful Book.  Was much moved and stimulated by their excellent Examples.  N.B. I have received a letter from Mr. John Forbes of Otter Creek, with the Constitution of the State of Vermont.

September 23, 1779

1779 September 23 (Thursday).  Attended a Fast at Miss Lydia and Miss Rebecca Nurse’s.  Mrs. P. with me.  I began with Prayer.  Mr. Sumner preached a seasonable Sermon, from 3d Epistle of St. John v. 2, “Beloved I wish above all Things etc.”  P.M. Mr. Fairbank preached on Matt. VI.10, latter part, “Thy Will be done on Earth etc.”  I prayed after Sermon.  May God be pleased to accept our Humiliation and Supplications, and give His Blessing to the Word so fitly delivered!  N.B. The two Fays, Messrs. Samuel and Jeduthun, Mr. Knight, Mr. Hazzletine (school-master), Mr. Zebulon Rice etc. were there.  Mr. Z. Rice here in the evening, with Mr. D. Forbes.

September 26, 1779

1779 September 26 (Sunday).  Read Ps. 44.  Took the first verse for my Text, though I go on with my subject on Isa. 46.3-4.  P.M. on Isa. 47.1-2, had some Regard to the Death of Rev. Mr. Whitney of Petersham, which may God Sanctifie to us!  After Exercises it rained plentifully.  Cousen Saml. (who has lately been graduated at Dartmouth Col.) here at eve and lodges here.  In the Evening Exercise of the Family, I read A Kempis.

September 30, 1779

1779 September 30 (Thursday).  Squire Benj. Whipple from Otter Creek here.  Rode to Shrewsbury Lecture — had Deacon Wood’s Horse.  I dined at Mr. Sumner’s.  Mr. Whitney there, also several young Students, Stone and Crosby.  I preached on Luke 22.15, not much enlarging on the Answers to questions 1 and 2.  Returned at eve.  I marryed Mr. Edward Brigham to Miss Sally Miller, heretofore of [blank].[1]  The Fee given was 20 Dollars.  Old Mr. Abraham Gale dyed.

[1]Edward Brigham mar. Sarah Miller, Sept. 30, 1779; Westborough VR, 129.