May 26, 1779

1779 May 26 (Wednesday).  Wrote (and copied) a Certificate concerning Jonas Bradish directed to Rev. Mr. Jos. Brown of Winchendon.  This day of great Solemnity when the Heads of the Tribes assemble together for the grand purposes of Seeking the God of our Fathers, and hearing what God the Lord has to say to us as likewise to exercise that invaluable privilege of choosing the Counsellors for this State — and this happy Season for the Convention of Ministers.  I am obliged in prudence all things considered to stay at Home, where, however may my Heart join with all those who gratefully celebrate the praises of God giving thanks to His Name, and would earnestly implore pardoning Mercy for the whole Land!  And the continuance of all public and personal Blessing, that the judgments of God may be removed, that we may be extricated out of our Difficulties, and be lead in the Paths of Rest and Peace!