February 16, 1779

1779 February 16 (Tuesday).  Elias with Mr. Harrington about the Steers, and I compleated a Bargain with him: His steers are coming 3.  He asks 80£ for them.  I give him my large Steer and 35£, and paid him the Bills in Hand.  The steers are duly exchanged.  Elias p.m. makes a Business of trimming the great Apple trees in the Garden etc.  Mrs. Harrington, both, here.  Breck returns from Brookfield and New Braintree.  Gives me but a Sorrowful account of the Insolvency of the late Mr. Bradshaw, of the Afflicted state of my Daughter Baldwin, by reason of her Husband’s absence so long from his Farm and Business etc.  Also Ebenezer’s Affairs difficult.