February 12, 1779

1779 February 12 (Friday).  Mr. Thos. Warrin and Stephen Maynard cutt up part of the woodpile today to pay Mrs. Parkman for knitting for the latter of them.  They dined.  They work till evening.  Nathan Maynard junior gives me a note for 16 Dollars (lent him with much more) Dec. 21 last.  At Even I rec’d a Letter dated January 25, from my son Forbes, acquainting with the Death of one of Mr. Forbes’ Daughters, by a Fever, and the Distress Cape Ann is in by the Small Pox, that he, being desired by the Selectmen and the Doctors Plummer and Coffin to assist, has innoculated and administered physic to near 100: Col. Stevens and his Wife have got safely through.  But alas for the poor people, who want Bread, and Cloths and Fuel!  May God pity them and grant Supplys, especially of his Almighty Grace and Spirit: that they may duly improve providences, and the Seasons and means of Salvation!  A sad disappointment in the over rotted flax, which appeared by the breaking and swingling a part of it.  The young man (Phin Brigham) desists as working in vain, throws in his pains and leaves it.  A.M. Breck goes to Brookfield to look after his Bradshaw affairs.  Dr. Stimson was here from Marlborough and tells me old Mr. Thos. Biglo an old Friend (perhaps about 86) is dead,[1] And old Mr. Jonas Morse (about 84) is dead also, and to be buryed this day.  May God grant Me to be ready, in all respects so for the Time is hastening upon me.

[1]Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary, was born Apr. 26, 1706 (Marlborough VR, 30); married Elizabeth Nurse in 1730 (p. 224), who died Jan. 1, 1770 in her 63rd year (p. 345).  Lt. Thomas Biglo died Feb. 10, 1779, in his 74th year (p. 345).