December 13, 1778

1778 December 13 (Sunday).  Breck is out of Wood.  Suse herself and the child, her sister Mindwell and Billy Spring came up here to be with us over the Sabbath.  I preached a.m. what I had prepared further on 1 Cor. 15, now on the 2 middle clause, “if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you.”  It was a storm of Rain and difficult getting to Meeting.


Breck, his Family and Brother Josiah dined  here.  P.M. delivered with variations and large additions my Sermon on Ps. 147.19-20.  May a merciful God forgive my Defects and bless what was agreeable to his Will!  N.B. Squire Baker was very kind in coming with his Sleigh, and carrying me and Sophy to meeting, bring us back, both a. and p.m.