December 1, 1778

1778 December 1 (Tuesday).  Breck sets up an Iron Stove in his shop.  I preached at Lieut. Levi Warren’s, a third Exercise on Rev. 2.10.  May God be graciously pleased to add His own efficacious Blessing!  N.B. Mr. Daniel Hardy was at Mr. Warren’s before the Exercise began and manifested his Disgust at my sermon on the late Thanksgiving.  He found fault with my saying so much about Singing the praises of God.  I replied that it was the very Business of the Day — the present Truth — that if he was dissatisfied with it, he had need ask himself whether it was not because he himself was out of Tune.  After the Exercises, Mr. Badcock and his Scholars sang a number of good Tunes, in Parts.  We had also a plentiful Table Spread and agreeable Entertainment.