November 1, 1778

1778 November 1 (Sunday).  I bless God for the Light and Privileges of another of the blessed Days of the Son of Man.  May I be in the Spirit of the Lord’s Day!  I preached a.m. with some Fervency once more on Ps. 92.7 and beseech God to grant Success!


Mrs. Ruth Godfry with her little Son dined  here.  P.M. I went on in Repeating Sermon on Gal. 3.14, which it is with God alone to render effectual!  May He graciously vouchsafe it!


N.B. The Singers more generally sat today in the Front, and some no. stood up.  Mr. Lemuel Badcock was among them.  We were not so happy as to have any singing in my Family today — not in the Evening.  Mr. Jonas Bradish did not come to me in any part of the Day, notwithstanding all that he said yesterday.  I am sorry he gives no more reason of that conduct.

November 2, 1778

1778 November 2 (Monday).  No Mr. Bradish here today neither,  although he assured me he would come today, on the Account of showing me some Bounds.  Perhaps the weather might hinder that Business, but I think to have come and conferred with me on the Several affairs depending.  Dr. Hawes acquaints me with his Mother’s Death and that he is going to her Funeral.  Improving this opportunity I write to Mr. Moore and send it to Man’s at Wrentham for Conveyance.

November 3, 1778

1778 November 3 (Tuesday).  Mr. Bradish came, but gives me no reason to think he is at all sensible of any Guilt or Blame on account of the Neglect of his Duty.  And as to Bounds of the Land which he laid out for me, he says he has been there and the Land being now cleared, the monuments are all gone, and it is impossible to find them.  Mr. Ezra Houghton of Chauxit came with a message from Mr. Mellen to request me to go up there, inasmuch as the Arbitrators on their Affairs were to meet, and he has sent to Mr. Stone likewise.  But I was obliged to deny.  I must be otherwise employed, it is too cold, I have no horse, and know I can’t get one etc. etc.  Mr. Houghton dined here — left me to go to Southborough.  Elias tries to get a horse to go to Cambridge, but in vain.  P.M. I preached at Mr. Tainter’s on Rev. 2.10.  Borrow Mr. Tainter’s Horse for Elias.  Deacon Wood rides home with me.  Mr. Potter has made Elias a coat.

November 5, 1778

1778 November 5 (Thursday).  Mr. Winslow Packard of Pelham brings Mr. Rob. Abercrombie’s Salutation and the gift of Mr. Ebenezer Erskines Sermon on Ps. 118.22 and on Isa. 9.6 with the true state of the Process against him: To which is added a number of Sermons of the same eminent man, from various Texts.  The book is very acceptable to me and I am very thankful for it.

November 6, 1778

1778 November 6 (Friday).  Mr. Amariah Frost junior was here and dined with us.  I perceive that he has lately married Miss Esther Messinger of Wrentham, his first cousin.  Mr. Caldwell of Sutton brought the Horse which Elias rode and gratis.  Toward night (being earnestly sent for) I went to see Mrs. Sarah (wife of Mr. Ebenezer Maynard) who was very ill of Dysentery etc.  Prayed with her and the Family.  N.B. A letter from Elias by Caldwell.

November 8, 1778

1778 November 8 (Sunday).  So kind and gracious is God that we are permitted to see the light and enjoy the privileges of this day, which begins the 55th year since the founding this church and my Ordination.  While I bless God for His long Suffering, I would humble myself for my unfaithfulness and unprofitableness, imploring pardoning Mercy through the great Redeemer, and Grace to help me, and that may be sufficient for me for the Future.  Preached on II Pet. 1.12.13.  P.M. on v. 14 with proper alterations of the last, which had been delivered before.  N.B. Several gentlemen were at meeting, p.m. which I suppose came from the Arbitration at Chauxit.

November 9, 1778

1778 November 9 (Monday).  Mr. Timothy Whitney was here to trade with me about my Oxen.  Mr. Isaac Parker, where they have been kept, having refused to give what one after another judged they were worth,  viz. Eighty Pounds L.M.  P.M. Visit Mr. Ebenezer Maynard’s wife and prayed with her.  Visit old Mrs. Kelly and prayed there.  N.B. Nanny Beeton seems composed.  Mr. Robert Wilson and his wife (who was Patty Dunlap, grown hugely fat) were there.  I rode to Mr. Hannaniah Parker’s to enquire after wood, for we are reduced.  At eve Mr. Andrews here to desire me to marry him tomorrow.

November 10, 1778

1778 November 10 (Tuesday).  Mr. Timothy Whitney has got my oxen and pays me 40£ L.M., and gives me his Horse for 40£ more in three months with interest.  N.B. Old Mr. Thomas Whitney is present and promises his son shall fulfill the Engagement, and Breck was witness.  Sophy to Concord.  Mr. Thomas Kendal having left Grafton, comes and takes what things he left here, dines with us, and goes for Framingham.


P.M. Went to Widow Baker’s, according to Mr. Andrews’ Request.  I married them, supped and we sing Watts’ Ps. 128.  6 Dol.

November 12, 1778

1778 November 12 (Thursday).  Was at Deacon’s [sic] Woods and with Squire Baker, providing a team to plough my Orchard.  I dined at Breck’s, and p.m. at Mr. Nathan Maynard’s, Bond’s and Warren’s.  Master Elijah Brigham returns with Sophy from Concord, and informs that yesterday, Mr. Ripley was ordained.  Rev. Josiah Bridge of Sudbury began with prayer.  Mr. Haven of Dedham preached on [blank].  Mr. Ebenezer Bridge of Chelmsford prayed before the charge and delivered it.  Mr. Dana of Barre prayed after the charge, Mr. Clark of Lexington gave the Right Hand of Fellowship.  May God graciously accept their Work and their Offerings, and may the Ordained be Strong in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Mr. Johnathan Child kindly brings me a Barrell of Cyder.  The Cyder is gratis.  I gave him a Dollar for bringing it.


Mr. Ben How mends the Oven.

November 13, 1778

1778 November 13 (Friday).  Old Mr. Nathan Maynard came with a yoke of oxen.  Ben Wood with a yoke and my Tim. fetches a yoke of Squire’s and his plough, and they plough the Orchard, and a while at the Island.  Several loads of Wood were brought me: which is a great Comfort to me.  I desire to thank God therefor.  At eve, Mr. Jonas Bond of Sutton and his daughter here.  They are returning home.  They ask Sister Lydia to go up and stay awhile among them.

November 15, 1778

1778 November 15 (Sunday).  On consideration of the New Year with this Church (which commenced last Sabbath) I went on a.m. with 2 Pet. 1.14 and p.m. I put them in mind of what had been, and what still is, the subject of our preaching: viz: The Gospel of Christ from 1 Cor. XV.1.


Sr. Brigham (Elijah) dined here.  He delivers me a letter from Dr. Crosby who is in the Army, at Woodbury.

November 26, 1778

1778 November 16 (Monday).  On this day was the Town Meeting, to Consider my Support, and by reason of the extraordinariness of the Depression of the Medium of Commerce, and being persuaded that many persons were unknowing to my Circumstances and Some were desirous I would say something to inform them, probably Also if I did not send my mind to them, nor go to the Meeting, would make an Handle of that, and resist, say they did not know that I desired anything, what should they impose it for?  Therefore I sent them a paper (which see) drawn with as much wisdom and Care as I could.  But it had not the Success that might reasonably be expected, except with regard to the Wood, which they provided for handsomely.  But as to sallery, they voted only £300 where every one asks in Lawful Money what they used to in old Tenor.  Batherick was here at evening, and seemed very sorry the Town had done no more.  Parkman Bradshaw came from Brookfield, and informs that his brother Benjamin grows worse.  He lodged here.

November 17, 1778

1778 November 17 (Tuesday).  Bradshaw leaves us to go to Cambridge, Boston etc.  Wrote by him to my Daughter-in-law Sally.  I attended the Association at Southborough.  Messrs. Smith, Goss, Bridge and Whitney there.  A committee from Mr. Goss’s Church to ask advice about the gathering of a Church in the south part of Bolton.  I returned home at eve.  Henry Marble has been here in my Absence.

November 26, 1778

1778 November 26 (Thursday).  Thanksgiving.  I had prepared in part, but could not finish it.  I improved part of sermon on Ps. 147.1.7 to page 7 and wrote additions on loose papers.  Breck and all his were here at the Entertainment, also Sr. Brigham (Elijah).  May the Lord accept our gratulations, and bless the Holy Word dispensed!  Had excellent singing.  I wrote by Bradshaw to my son Ebenezer at New Braintry.

November 29, 1778

1778 November 29 (Sunday).  I preached at Southborough on Rev. 22.17 a. and p.m.  May a Divine Power accompany and render the Word effectual, and especially to my own Soul!  At eve I returned home, as did Mr. Stone; who preached for me a. and p.m. on Phil. 2.4.5 which I pray God to bless and prosper!  I brought from Mr. Stone’s Pike and Hayward’s Cases of Conscience.[1]  Sr. Fay, Mrs. Maynard and her Niece, Miss [blank] Witt dined  here.  I had a letter from Rev. Ezra Ripley of Concord, concerning his Ordination etc.

[1]S. Pike and S. Hayward, Some important cases of conscience answered, at the casuistical exercise, on Wednesday evenings, in Little St. Helen’s, Bishopsgate-Street, London (Boston; Green & Russell, 1757; Evans 8009).  Other Boston editions appeared in 1759 and 1760.

November 30, 1778

1778 November 30 (Monday).  It is too great a storm for Elias to leave home.  I read part of Pike and Hayward’s Cases.  The Town meet by Adjournment and having dispatched their Business dissolved the meeting.  Sister Champney remains under much trouble by an almost constant Diarrhoea.  Mr. Levi Warren here on account of the private Meeting tomorrow.  Numerara dies nostras sic doce nos, Domine etc.