March 31, 1778

1778 March 31 (Tuesday).  The Snow is So deep, that though a Lecture is appointed, I am in doubt whether the Preacher can get to us.  Therefore I prepare my Self.  After Dinner the storm much abated, Mr. Foster and Capt. Joseph How from Marlborough came.  The former preached the Singing Lecture from 1 Cor. 14.15.  N.B. We sung at E[ntrance?] two staves of Hymn 80 4 v. without Reading — after Prayer Sing Ps. 57 from v. 53st — and the Deacon (Bond) read, as usual, line by line.  The last Singing was Ps. 148 6 stanza’s, to the End of the [12 v.?].  After the Blessing, The Singers (who were increased and strengthened by Some Number from Marlborough (Dr. Curtis etc.) and from Northborough (Capt. Samuel Wood, his Brother and sister etc.) went on in Singing some Number of Tunes.  When returned to my House, a Number of Gentlemen resorted hither; Capt. William Brigham etc. etc. but I was obliged to take leave, by reason of a Message by Mr. Thomas Twitchell, that Mrs. Adams drew near her End.  I went hastily.  She was much altered into the Visage of Death — uncertain whether her Reason is steady.  Discourse to and prayed with her.  N.B. Old Mr. Hardy fell into an unhappy Frame about the Singers — Said their Behavior was abominable! Etc.  When I came home found that the Singers and Gentlemen (except Mr. Foster and Capt. Howe, who went home to Marlborough) went up to Deacon Woods and Capt. Fishers.  N.B. our young Women, viz. Hephzibah Parker and Lydia Batherick returned before noon to Board and lodge, as before.