February 25, 1778

1778 February 25 (Wednesday).  Am reading Willins Calcotts Disquisition on Free-Masons.  Masters Fish and Bradshaw go to their Schools.  I went up to Mr. Piper to give him an Account of the Reasons of my Sending for a third Side of Leather.  I also called at Col. Wheelocks; who had received a Letter from Mr. Henry Marble Since his and the other Westborough Soldiers in the Army received the Benefactions from this Town.  I went in also to See Mr. Barker, where I found Fox’s Acts and Monuments; and several other valuable Books.  Cousen Maynard made us a Visit and dined here.  Miss Patty is yet with us, but in the Evening came her Brother and carryed her away from us to their Kinsmans, Mr. Noah Hardy’s.