February 17, 1778

1778 February 17 (Tuesday).  I was obliged to go to Squire Bakers to borrow two Sides of Soal Leather, and succeeded.  I visited at Mr. Pipers, O Donalds, and at Mr. Lambsons.  At Eve came Reuben Lambson who was in an unfit Frame.  To prevent further Trouble with him, though he has not worked out his time; four Days being wanting Still; (and they were divers of them in the Summer Months) I took but 15/ old tenor per Day; and though I would have accepted winter Days for them, yet he would not work for me — (Labor being now a Dollar per Day).  I payed him the remainder, and dismissed him.  N.B. Divers times Reuben sadly disappointed me by his Absence from my Bus’ness; and my work has sadly fallen short; yet I gave him the highest wages, notwithstanding he was a Stranger, and I did all I could to encourage and oblige him.