February 16, 1778

1778 February 16 (Monday).  Drury Fairbank, who has boarded at Brecks, has gone away, and does not return.  There are doubtfull Apprehensions concerning him.  Mr. Belknap was here.  I reckoned with him for Four Heart-Barrells, for which I paid him 2 Dollars apiece; and one sap Barrell, for which he takes one Dollar: He gives me two old Barrells, which were borrowed.  I gave him a note to the Constable Parker for nine Dollars.  N.B. The last Barrells I bought of him were (I think) no more than half a Dollar apiece, or it may 25/ old Tenor.  So greatly altered are the Times now!  His son’s Child he would have me visit, but I could not go.