February 2, 1778

1778 February 2 (Monday).  Elias rides to Holden to one Mr. Samuel Grant’s who has advertized an Heiffer, which he had strayed.  Elias thinks it is Mine, but Mr. Grant says he took in this, as long ago as last June, therefore E. returns without her.  N.B. Mr. Badcock dines at Capt. Morse’s, and at night he goes to Mr. Tainters.  I read Palladium of Conscience, or the Foundation of Religious Liberty displayed, asserted and established, containing Furneaux’s Letters to Blackstone, Priestly’s Remarks on Blackstones Commentarys etc.: And Blackstone’s Case of the Middlesex Elections.[1]

[1]The Palladium of conscience; or, The foundation of religious liberty displayed, asserted, and established, agreeable to its true and genuine principles, above the reach of all petty tyrants, who atempt to lord it over the human mind. Containing Furneaux’s Letters to Blackstone. Priestley’s Remarks on Blackstone. Blackstone’s Reply to Priestley. and Blackstone’s Case of the Middlesex-elections; with some other tracts, worthy of high rank in every gentleman’s literary repository, being a necessary companion for every lover of religious liberty. And an interesting appendix to Blackstone’s Commentaries on the laws of England ([Philadelphia]: Robert Bell, 1773; Evans 13154).