December 30, 1777

1777 December 30 (Tuesday).  It being more moderate, I rode over to Visit Capt. Maynard and his Family, they have been exercised with sickness, with the Meazles, a number of them and Geoffry falls into a Waste.  I dined there.  Capt. tells me that Brother Smith of Marlborough has moved with his Goods to               P.M. Visit Mrs. Beeton and prayed with her.  Elias went to the Ministerial Lot, and Mr. Caleb Harrington to help him.  They bring home a Load of Wood.  Deacon Wood brings a large Load; as does Lt. Harrington — both of their Wood.  I am reading Dr. Robinsons well writ History of Scotland.  James Hicks is exceedingly exercised with chapped Feet and Hands.