August 13, 1777

1777 August 13 (Wednesday).  Elias goes back to CambridgeBreck goes to Boston; has Mr. Newtons Chaise and takes in Elias, with his Cloths and Books: and Bradshaw, the latter designing to go on Foot, when his Brother has gone with him as far as Gleasons in Framingham.  N.B. Edward Brigham, going with a Team to Cambridge, carrys in it a Bed, Covering, Bedstead etc. for Elias; he having another Chum.  N.B. I gave Elias in Cash £ to pay Quarter Bill, the Butlers Bill, and for incidental Expenses.  Mr. Bradshaw has presented me Dr. Eliots 20 sermons.[1]  At eve he returns with his Brothers Horse, and lodges here.

[1]Andrew Eliot (1718-1778), Twenty sermons on the following subjects…. (Boston: John Boyle, 1774; Evans 13266).