May 16, 1776

1776 May 16 (Thursday).  Elias is at his Books again; (though we have not near done our planting) by reason of my Discourse with him lately; yet I did not expect he would have been so suddain in his Resolutions — but I have Mr. Harrington to help my young man; and have Jimmy Hicks to do what he can in waiting upon them.  Mr. Benjamin Tainter junior Post Rider — desires mine and Mrs. Parkmans Company at 4 o’Clock in the Afternoon, at his Fathers House.  We rode there accordingly, though extremely against my Inclination, but there was no avoiding it.  I marryed them — but obstinately resisted all their Invitations to tarry to their Supper.  I am informed that there is another Marriage this Evening at Mr. Barnabas Newtons of one Samuel Gardner to Sally Pierce who has lived here at Deacon Woods for Some months past.