May 5, 1776

1776 May 5 (Sunday).  A.M. on the Fruits and Effects of Faith (the Subject which I have been upon from Rom. 3.28), but this particular Exercise from Gal. 2.20.  Suse Brigham dines.  P.M. on Consideration of the Deaths in the last Week  I preached (in one Exercise) Discourse on Ps. 103.14.  Gave a public Notice of the Funeral of Mr. Bellows’s two sons, to be tomorrow morning, 8 o’Clock.  Stopped the Church and read the Letter from the first Church in Gloucester requesting Assistance in the Installment of Mr. Forbes.  It laboured — divers made objections, viz. Mr. Thomas Bond, Mr. Batherick, Mr. Joseph Harrington.  When the Vote was put, the Opposers went into the womens Seats: they were, Mr. Daniel Hardy, Mr. Ithamar Bellows, Mr. David Batherick, Mr. B. Tainter, Mr. Samuel Forbush, Capt. Morse, Lt. Bond, Mr. Joseph Harrington, Levi Warrin, Eli Whitney.  On the other side there were 22.