May 1, 1776

1776 May 1 (Wednesday).  Mrs. Cullock (her husband gone to New York) Sends for me to see her little son, Elijah, who is extremely ill by a Swelling in his vitals (as apprehended) and I prayed there.  Went to Northborough.  Dined at Mr. Whitneys.  Preached his Lecture on Mat. 26.35, former part.  After Exercises was at Mr. Bass’s.  Returned him his Magazine which I had borrowed.  I called at Capt. Maynards to see Mrs. Amsden — but though I Spoke to her, She could not one word to me, nor could I turn her face to see me.  When I came home, was informed that Mr. Coffin and his Wife came here, but pursued their Journey to BrookfieldElijah Culluck dyed about 4 o’Clock p.m.  Mr. Eli Whitney came at night to inform me that his Brother Nathaniel was dead, and to desire me to attend his Funeral on Friday.