April 21, 1776

1776 April 21 (Sunday).  I preached a.m. on 1 Cor. 5.8.  Administered the Lords Supper.  May it please God to Pardon the Sins of our holy Things, and accept our Offerings for Christs sake!  May we also be enabled to keep the sacred Bonds which we have been renewing!  P.M. Text Gal. 1.15.  Used, with various Alterations sermon on Isa. 55.5 from p. 135 to p. 143.  N.B. Mrs. Maynard, her Daughter Davis and Suse Brigham dined here.  William Fleet, Flax-Comber, came here before Noon; dines and lodges and (without any Desire of mine) Stays with us.