April 3, 1776

1776 April 3 (Wednesday).  A.M. Visit old Mrs. Sarah Forbush.  Saw her Cancer.  Prayed with her.  P.M. Mr. John Putnam brought me from Mr. Cushing of Ashburnham, in Bills which Mr. Charles Lawrence of Ashby, left for me when he took up his Note (which was left with Mr. Cushing).  Also a Receipt from Ashby Assessors, of Tax and [Posts?].  He Also drove away Mr. Cushings Cow which I have kept for him through the winter.  I had a Letter from him, and returned an Answer per the Same Bearer.  My son Alexander came from Leicester.  He has been confined with illness — but (through the Goodness of God) is much recovered.  He tarrys overnight.  Mr. Daniel Forbes junior of Brookfield having been at Cape Ann, and Seen his unkle Eli, calls here; and he having undertaken the Charge of my Son Baldwins Coi-Hill Pasture, agrees to take some of my Creatures to keep the ensuing Summer, if I send them.