April 1, 1776

1776 April 1 (Monday).  Hap. was quiet through the Night.  In returning home I called to See Coll. Williams.  Lit at Mr. Caleb Rice’s — His Wife very low and distressed.  Lit also and refreshed at Cornet Brigham’s.  When I came home, found that Mrs. P________ had been poorly, and took Physic yesterday.  Sukey mends slowly.  Mr. Whitney preached a. and p.m. on [blank].  Am informed that my Kinsman Loyd came here last night and lodged here.  This Morning he sat out for Boston.  He Says his Wife dyed Feb. 21 and that a Letter to Leicester from his Sister Bradford certifyed that his son Samuel dyed March [blank].  Mrs. Polly Eyres at work and dines, here.