February 21, 1776

1776 February 21 (Wednesday).  Mr. Thaddeus Warrin here to inform me that his Brother Daniel dyed last Eve, about the Sunsetting.  He was nigh 18 years old.  May God sanctify this to his mother, and to the Rest!  Moses Sever here for his Note which Lieutenant or Capt. Joseph Baker gave him of 15£ Lawful Money, and which was entrusted to me.  Sever not humble.  I did not care to give it to him, but committed it to Mr. [illegible] Warrin to be carryed up to Capt. Baker, that they might settle [illegible] he sent it me again.  At Eve came Mr. Piper with [request?] to send it up to him notwithstanding.  I gratifyed him, [illegible] me security.