February 18, 1776

1776 February 18 (Sunday).  By reason of a proclamation from the General Court, which has Some Passages concerning Government I preached on Ps. 2.6 on Christs executing the Office of a King — He alone having Universal, Supreme absolute, uncontrolled Dominion and sovereignty.  P.M. on the Example of Christ from John 12.26.  Read the proclamation, with some Corrections.  After meeting I went to Mr. Antwistles — and many of the Congregation.  His Wife and sister to be buryed this Evening.  I prayed with them.  Then by Desire, went to Mr. Daniel Warrins — (Mrs. Parkman with me.  We rode in Capt. Maynards covered Carriage, at Cousin Maynards Invitation).  Young Daniel Warrin is much lower.  Prayed with him.  At Eve Benjamin Clark left us to return home to his Father, at Ashburnham.  He went over to Mr. Bathericks, to be ready to go with Richard Barns junior, his Wife and Mindwell, early tomorrow Morning.  Three Young Soldiers, from Wallingford, on their Journey to the Camp, came in and lodged with us, viz. Nathan Chittenden, [blank] Foster, and Asahel [blank].