February 13, 1775

1775 February 13 (Monday).  Mr. William Bowman in his way home to Brookfield at Breakfast.  Relates Some of his uncle Forbes’s Troubles.  P.M. was Church Meeting by Adjournment.  The Committee which was Sent to Mrs. Eunice Rice, made Report.  She came to Town, and by Desire, to Meeting — gave us leave to take out of her Confession Such Sentences as we would have to be omitted.  We did so.  Voted in the Church that this would be satisfactory.  She also consented to it when it was read to her.  Agreed that She Should be propounded next Lords Day.  The Committee from Mr. Fay reported that he was greatly offended with me that I kept my Son Breck etc.  It was put to Vote — but no Hand up.  I made a Short speech before We went upon the Paper of 11.  Some Debates ensued — but nothing was done – but adjourned to a fortnight.  P.M. Mr. Waters waits upon Miss Patty and Hannah Fish here.  The young women lodge here.  Mrs. Hannah Lamb dyes.[1]

[1]Isaac Lamb mar. Hannah Williams, 23 June 1774; Westborough Vital Records, 176.  Death not in WVR.