November 5, 1774

1774 November 5 (Saturday).  Mr. Forbes and sister Champney to Brookfield.  P.M. Dr. Barton and his wife (Mr. Moore’s sister)[1] call here as they go to Vassalborough.  At Eve I agree with Asa Ware to live with me Still.  He thinks he made up the time of the first Agreement, the 17th of October.  So that he now begins again on Oct. 18 and is to continue to serve me — Six Months: for which I am to give him fifty pounds old tenor So that for the whole year (if we live to finish it) he is to have £130 old tenor.  Asa goes to Wrentham, designing to return in the forepart of next Week.

[1] Dorothy, daughter of Elijah and Dorothy Moore, born Apr. 12, 1747; mar. Stephen Barton, May 28, 1765; Oxford Vital Records, 81, 209.