August 31, 1774

1774 August 31 (Wednesday).  The Cullocks, Joseph and John have finished my Wall nigh the Meeting House.  Joseph has been 10 Days and John 8 Days besides this Morning till passed ten o’Clock a.m. and ask 20/ old Tenor per Day.  Asa Ware has also assisted many Days with my Team.  Mr. Whitney and his Wife, also the Widow Snow, dined here.  He preached my Lecture on Mat. 5.16, “Let their Light Shine” etc.  He presents me his Discourses on the late Fast, July 14. Mr. Webb, and Mr. Gleason with his Wife here after Lecture.  Mr. Gleason was at Worcester last Saturday and saw what was done to Squire Paine: he relates many Occurrences of late at Boston, Roxbury etc.  Write to Mr. Moore: and to my son Alexander.  Breck goes to Lancaster, to an Entertainment at Col. Levi Willards.  Elias came home from Mr. Goddards, though he went but yesterday.  His master is gone to Uxbridge.