August 20, 1774

1774 August 20 (Saturday).  Alexander returns from Framingham without Success: His Father Brown gone a journey.  Mr. Ezra Bowman who bought my Horse, came and paid for him.  His note is given up, on his paying £14.14.8 Lawful money to Breck in my behalf.  N.B. Breck delivers 14£ 14/ Lawful to Alexander, by my Order.  This I lend Alexander and have his promisory Note for it.  The Letter to Mr. Southgate I write over again and add my Engagement that my son Shall pay him and as soon as we can raise his money.  Alex goes home. P.M. I attended the Funeral of old Mrs. Mary Grout.  She was 82 years old last January.  I prayed at the House of Mr. Jonathan Grout, where the assembly was not small.